Marglar RalgramSpace Alien
All things Eternal ESOPs
About me
I'm a space Alien, here to annoy jason.. but we need data rn
Space Alien
London, UK
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Art Therapy
I am an Art Therapy studying Art Therapy through the University of Johannesburg in South Africa. I have a BA in Psychology.
Denita GoosenMakeup Artist
I'm a professional makeup artist with 12 years experience. I pride myself in using makeup as medium to express playfulness and artistic flare in ways that compliments the subject, product, styling and message. Currently operating in Cape Town, South Africa.
Denita GoosenMakeup Artist
Feeding Therapy
My area of specialisation is in paediatric feeding disorder. I can provide support, evaluation and therapy using a sensory integration and transdisciplinary approach for children that are neurodiverse who experience feeding and communication challenges.
Jamie-Lee BaselSpeech Therapist specialised in Paediatric Feeding Disorders
How to Host a Festival in the Western Cape
I can give advice on event venue choice, permit procedure, production management, risks, ticketing options, for music or learning events in this region
Angie CurtisWeb Designer, Event Organiser
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